Galentine's Pop Up

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to the first Galentine's Day Pop-Up Shop at Old Metropolitan Hall! It was such a huge success thanks to the tireless efforts of Arley Arrington of Arley Cakes and Molly Reeder! 

There is nothing like getting together to celebrate all the wonderful women-owned and operated businesses here in Charlottesville. Not to mention that a portion of the proceed are going to support The Arbor, which is a local organization working to end sex trafficking.

Other highlights of the day include getting polaroids of me with awesome ladies Ashley and Jacqui by Amy Jackson Photography, and getting to sell my wares alongside some super awesome vendors, including:

A Pocket Novel S/S 2015 Jewelry Lookbook

In addition to all the Catalyst work that was completed in Richmond this weekend, Carly did an impromptu jewelry lookbook shoot for me. I am in love with how all of the shots turned out!

A huge thanks to Meg Weckstein and Jordan Romeo for being models on little to no notice.

All photos by Two Spoons Photography.

Catalyst Wedding Magazine Has Arrived!

It's been a whirlwind over here the last few months as I continue to work with the awesome ladies of Catalyst Wedding Co, Carly Romeo and Liz Susong! We got our project backed on Kickstarter, sold over 600 issues through online preorders, and have had press features in Time, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Bust, and more! 

I am so proud of this project, the amazing women I work with, the amazing artists and vendors who contributed to this issue, and of the fact that I get to claim credit for the graphic design work in this magazine! It's definitely been my most meaningful work to date.

Carly and I will be spending our Memorial Day weekend packaging all of the preorders and sending them out to our wonderful supporters. Expect to see your copy in your mailbox soon! Please post a picture of you holding your copy and use the hashtag #catalystwedco!

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, you can still get one here.

Photos by Cassie Rosch

Photos by Cassie Rosch

Photos by Betty Clicker Photography and Melodie Ann Photography

Photos by Betty Clicker Photography and Melodie Ann Photography

Photos by Two Spoons Photography

Photos by Two Spoons Photography

Carly and Emaleigh Do Tarot

In my refresh of the blog, I've realized that there are so many awesome projects I've gotten to be a part of that I never shared here. 

A little over a year ago, my friends Carly and Emaleigh of Two Spoons Photography were setting out to create a series of photos that look at the higher arcana of Tarot and set out to recreate them. If you haven't figured out from my posts that these ladies are super awesome, then this should prove it to you.

The final result was amazing! I got to pose for The Magician, and was so pumped with how the final product turned out, even though I usually hate getting my photo taken. I took the opportunity to channel my inner Willow and just went with it.

The rest of the cards are all wonderful, but here are a few of my favorites.

The High Priestess, by Two Spoons Photography

The High Priestess, by Two Spoons Photography

Temperance, by Two Spoons Photography

Temperance, by Two Spoons Photography

Finally, for their gallery opening at Gallery5 in Richmond, I created a custom carved block for them to use.


The block turned out great and it's definitely one of my favorite carvings to date. And it worked so well with the show!


9 Reasons to Love Asheville, NC

Last year Cameron and I went to Asheville for the first time and fell in love with the place. In fact we have since referred to it as Charlottesville South, because it feels so much like our own beloved hometown. We went back there this past September, and here are just a few of the many reasons to love Asheville!

Flora Event and Floral Design, home to the biggest airplants ever seen


Shelter Collective, where you can find handmade leather bags made in house or pick up some jewelry by Is Was + Will Be

Amazing murals dedicated to Lou Reed

Residents who turn roller scooters into riding triceratops


Wicked Weed Brewery, home to amazing food,impeccable beer, and Henry VIII.

Biscuit Head, home to the most amazing biscuits ever


Sierra Nevada's New Brewery, with a lab that made Cameron drool.

French Broad Chocolate, home to amazing truffles and beer ice cream floats

FleaVILLE Summer 2014

This was a super successful summer for me in terms of getting back into crafting. I set up shop at FleaVILLE at the IX Art Park in June, August, and September and had more success than ever before. More importantly, I feel like I had the opportunity to evolve the presentation of my wares as well as to develop new designs based on what customers responded well to.

I also got to share my booth with my friend Maggie Stein, who creates the most amazing quilts. Having her there was so great and I am so coveting one of her pieces. 

Next up: holiday craft fairs, here I come! I'm in the process of applying for a few and will share where I end up.